Year of the Lotus

Yoga Goals – 5 Useful Links

This year, a consistent yoga practice is high on my list of goals – so much so, that I’m naming 2017 the Year of the Lotus! Even though I’ve been an amateur yogi for at least a decade, I haven’t made much progress outside a handful of poses I’m comfortable with. My irregular practice helps with maintaining flexibility, but I have not built up the strength I would like.

So, I’m starting again, consistently and courageously!

This month, I dusted off my yoga books and got on the mat every morning. I also joined a Vinyasa/Hatha yoga workshop to kickstart my efforts and am paying more attention to online resources for inspiration.

yoga identity workshop
Yoga Identity – Summer Series Workshop 1

Maintaining a consistent practice means continually sourcing inspiration. I obsessively collect Yoga Journal links in my Facebook Saved items – now it’s time to actually incorporate the ideas into my practice (hold me to it please!).

Here are some useful yoga articles I found in my Saved items:

  1. Starting out? Here’s a simple Sun Salutation sequence I love! Watch + Learn: Sun Salutation
  2. Poses for #YogaEveryDamnDay – 10 Poses That Stand the Test of Time
  3. Learn how to prevent injuries – Learn How to Protect Your Wrists in Your Practice
  4. When I toured last year, I managed Chaturanga for the first time! (I have pathetic arms…) See how to modify the pose to suit your practice – 3 Safe-Alignment Modifications for Chaturanga Dandasana
  5. Cross-training is best – any professional dancer worth their salt knows that – here are 4 Ways Adding Pilates Will Strengthen Your Practice
  6. Bonus – something aspirational – I can’t do many of these poses but I’m putting it here as a challenge: Two Fit Moms’ Picks: 8 Best Poses for the Core

What are your dance or fitness goals for 2017? What are YOU doing every day to achieve them?

P.S Don’t forget to enjoy your chosen practice – that’s why I chose yoga – I love it!

P.P.S I use Pocket to save useful links on the web so I can refer to them easily when I need to. Check out – it’s also available for Android and iPhone.

January 30, 2017