Micah Performance KZNI fell in love with the enigmatic art of belly dance at the tender age of 11 and have been dancing ever since with Pietermaritzburg’s first belly dance studio, Raqs Sharqi Dance Company (RSDC), where I completed my South African Dance Teachers Association Belly Dance Division Amateur Exams and attended workshops in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Determined when I left school in 2009 that dance would always play a central role in my life I signed up for classes in contemporary, modern and hip hop as well as travelled to Cairo to study Egyptian belly and folkloric dance. At the same time, I discovered Tribal Fusion belly dance – described as a modern interpretation of an ancient art form.

In 2010, I entered and placed 2nd at the Miss Belly Dance South Africa competition after performing a modern Egyptian style choreography but I felt more and more drawn to Tribal Fusion, an eclectic style that combines the sensual, sinuous movements of belly dance with other ethnic, folkloric and modern dance styles.

And so, with the same determination that I left school with, I moved to Cape Town for 6 months in 2013 to join Soma Fusion Belly Dance Company one of South Africa’s first and highly regarded Tribal Fusion studios.

I soon began researching international festivals and performance opportunities and in 2014, I attended the Tribal Umrah Festival in the magical city of Prague – my overseas dance adventures began! Early in 2015, I hopped on a flight to Barcelona for the Tribal Art Festival and later endured 30+ hours of travelling to attend Gold Rush: The San Francisco Belly Dance Experience. At each event, I workshopped with the best of tribal belly dance teachers and performed on stage as a soloist and with peers.

Also in 2015, I spent a week in Johannesburg attending Bellydance Evolution’s (BDE) Artist Development Program with the South African cast of their Alice in Wonderland production. In the same weekMicah China Park, I won the title of Miss Belly Dance South Africa – the first Tribal style bellydancer to do so.

In 2016, I was fortunate enough to join the international cast of Alice in Wonderland that toured 29 Chinese cities over 10 weeks – an adventure of a lifetime!

When I’m not on the road I teach workshops and weekly classes in Pietermaritzburg with RSDC but my motto remains #GoWhereTheDancingIs and that is exactly what I intend to do.